MUWA Foundation began in February 2011 as a dream that God planted in the hearts of the founders: Iddah Wang’ondu, who is based in Dallas (Texas) in the United States and her friend Muthoni Kanyana, based in Nairobi, Kenya. Despite being in 2 different countries, far away from each other, both ladies felt the need to support young people from economically underprivileged backgrounds.

In Kenya, one in every five girls between 15 and 19 is either pregnant or already a mother. A study by the African Population and Health Research Centre (APHRC) showed that young people living in urban slums are at significant risk of early, unplanned pregnancies. Also, young people from the slums have far less chances of making it to secondary school than children whose parents have more resources or motivation. All this is as a result of the poor quality of primary schools in slums, limited access to secondary school for slum children, increased vulnerability to coercion into sexual activity and other ills that hinder school participation, a disabling environment at home and increased child labor.

MUWA Foundation is changing this narrative, one child at a time. MUWA, which means ‘Seed of Hope’, was formed to provide the funding and mentorship that young people from poor families needed in order to successfully complete their high school and college education.

The foundation places special emphasis on supporting teenage mothers and boys and girls living in single-parent homes. MUWA hopes to improve the lives of these youths and to develop them into influential leaders who can make a positive impact in their communities. MUWA has various programs for individuals who want to share their time, resources, talents, and skills to invest in the lives of children.

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