MUWA Foundation

Change One Change a Community

MUWA provides a global platform that connects individuals and organizations to invest their time, treasure, and talent in empowering the youth to develop into influential leaders and community changers. Learn more


Education & Mentorship: Programs that fund and provide resources that ensure the youth get access to high-quality education


Mentorship: Setting up programs that ensure the youth get good mentorship to be  to propel them to greater heights in future.


Community Growth: Coaching programs that prepare and empower the youth with essential skills and tools to develop effective leaders and community changers.

Our Mission

MUWA Foundation is a global nonprofit that partners with individuals and organizations to invest in young people by providing education funds and other resources that empower them to succeed and positively change their community

Our Vision

Change one Change a Community. MUWA Foundation vision is to Impact young lives to influence future generations.

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MUWA Foundation 10 years of Changing lives

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