What We Do

Education Funding

MUWA Foundation is committed to support identified youth within a   community by providing education funds through MUWA Scholarship and MUWA Partner Organizations that share a common mission. 

  • MUWA Scholarship:  Funds  for both high school and college students in various locations globally.
  • MUWA Partner Organizations:  MUWA will identify partner organizations that share its mission, collaborate, and fund the organization for a specified period.  Similar to the continued partnership with HERA Foundation(Previously MUWA Kenya)

Youth Mentorship

We strive to provide a meaningful youth development experience by establishing a community-based youth mentoring program that encourages a mutually beneficial relationship between the youth and adult role models.

Mentoring relationships can be formal or informal with substantial variation, while creating caring, empathetic, consistent, and long-lasting relationships. Mentors may offer advice, share life experiences, help a young person navigate challenges and have fun!
“The youth benefit from close, caring relationships with positive role model adults, has been demonstrated by Positive Youth Development (PYD) research. (Jekielek, Moore, & Hair, 2002).”

Youth Leadership Coaching

We are preparing the youth with useful life skills they can develop and carry over into adulthood. The youth will learn the following and not limited to; how to manage time, set goals, work in a team setting, start conversations, facilitate meetings, and make effective presentations, and dressing appropriately for the respective roles.

The coaching will be provided in various formats: Discussion forums, mini-seminars, partnership with other organizations etc. Periodic consistent coaching programs will be established.

For more information contact us at info@muwafoundation.org