Who We are

Our Mission

MUWA Foundation is a global nonprofit that partners with individuals and organizations to invest in young people by providing education funds and other resources that empower them to succeed and positively change their community.

Our Vision

Change one Change a Community. MUWA Foundation vision is to Impact young lives to influence future generations.

Our Core Values


MUWA Foundation believes that each person is capable of positively impacting his/her respective community. We take responsibility for empowering an individual’s sense of belonging and worth.  We also  foster  Trustworthiness, Respect, Integrity, and Courage to do the right thing. 


MUWA Foundation believes there is power in working together. We are stronger together; through shared goals and mutual support we will change our community, one person at a time. 

Leadership in Action

MUWA Foundation is committed to establishing a culture that develops leaders that lead by example. Service is the fundamental driver in what we do; using our talent, time, and treasure to serve those we lead as well as those we follow.


MUWA Foundation is committed to inspire all; especially the beneficiaries of the programs to transition into partnership roles with the intention of creating unbroken cycles of generations empowering the next. 


In February 2011, the earnest desire to serve and change our communities birthed MUWA Foundation. The initial focus was communities in Kenya. In 2020 MUWA Foundation organization grew and expanded to partner with more communities globally.

MUWA Foundation 10 years of Changing lives


2011 – 2014

2014 – The Birth of MUWA Foundation   _____________________________________________________ 2011 through 2014 – High School Education Funding : Five (5) Girls from Don Bosco Community Nairobi, Kenya.  _____________________________________________________ 2014 –  MUWA Foundation Officially Registered as Texas Non-profit Organization [501(c)3]


2015 – 2019

2015 – High School Education Funding : Ten (10) High School students (Boys and Girls)  and  Three (3) College Students (Girls) _____________________________________________________ 2015 – 2019 –  Annual Cycle of Education Funding : MUWA admitted a new group of High School students annually. Total of  Three (3) college graduates and up to 40 High School students benefited. _____________________________________________________ 2016 – MUWA Kenya and the annual mentorship programs are launched. _____________________________________________________ 2016 – 2018 – Fundraising events in Texas USA :  Annual MUWA  fundraising 5K & 1 mile races held in Frisco, Texas  increasing Corporate & Individual partnerships.

2020 and Beyond

2020 – MUWA Foundation expands to serve global communities.  _____________________________________________________ 2020 – MUWA Kenya team officially register a local non-profit, HERA foundation.  _____________________________________________________ 2020 – MUWA Foundation Inc. transitions all Kenya operations to HERA Foundation.  _____________________________________________________ 2021 – High School Education Funding : 10 Kenyan students _____________________________________________________ 2021 – 10 year anniversary celebration. 


MUWA Foundation leadership comprises of two boards: Board of Directors and an Advisory Board. The operations of the organization are managed by officers including the Executive Director and Finance Director.

An Advisory Board provides oversight to the Board of Directors. Additionally, it collaborates with Advisory committees to provide advice and insight for the Organization’s Initiatives